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Eureka! Winning Ways

Eureka! Winning Ways Process

Your Eureka! Growth Coach will guide your team through a simple three-step process:

  • One-Day Eureka! Idea Engineering: A disciplined data-driven process to develop and craft at least 50 measurably smarter growth ideas for new markets, new marketing messages, and new products or services for your company. Research shows that companies with more choices achieve growth almost 6 times faster.
  • Success Screenings: Your team chooses four ideas for evaluation by Eureka! patented Merwyn Research system, which scientifically measures their probability of success.
  • Action Planning and Coaching: With your Growth Coach, the team develops a 30-day action plan to investigate and test your top two ideas. This process utilizes disposable prototypes and rapid feedback—“fail fast, fail cheap”—and has been saved companies 80-90% of the staffing, time, and money traditionally required to move ideas into deployment.

Throughout the process, your Growth Coach will monitor your progress, keep you on track, and help you access the resources necessary to achieve success.

At the end, you’ll be equipped to make a decision. Yes, take this idea into development and delivery to the market. Yes, do so, but with some changes to the idea. Or no—this idea is not one to develop further.

This way, you do not spend boundless time and resources exploring ideas. Instead, you systematically and methodically explore and test your ideas to determine their viability, and quickly can make a fact-based decision on whether to proceed, or leave the idea and move on.

“Eureka! Winning Ways wasn’t just an event, a one-day workshop. It’s a process, and that’s when you gain real benefit, when the learning's are ingrained in your company and become part of your process. We now have a new system to develop ideas, filter out the ones that will have dramatic impact, and make decisions on whether or not to move forward.”

Jim Samocki
Director Product Development, Campbell Hausfeld

Overview of Clients

Eureka! Client Stories

Seeking a process to prioritize and implement ideas to fill new Lean-created capacity, Brunson turned to Eureka! Winning Ways. Four months later they launched two new products that will deliver $300k in sales. After reloading, the next ideas in development should bring in $400k.

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