Top Line Growth

Eureka! Winning Ways

Eight out of 10 company owners are looking for ways to increase sales…

  • Is it time to shift from a focus on decreasing costs to a focus on increasing sales?
  • Do the highs and lows of incremental sales growth have you seeking sales opportunities with greater impact?
  • Would you like a no-risk way to create new ideas, filter out the best, and quickly explore and discover their potential for success so you can decide to act on them, or move on to the next?

With Eureka! Winning Ways®, growth in your company is waiting to take off. For the first time, you can harness new ideas and turn them into big new sales.

Big Growth, Risk-Free

You can radically grow your top-line sales and profits without breaking the bank doing so. Measurably smarter choices for growth and the tools to practically and effectively reduce risk and meet your growth goals—or exceed them—are within your reach. We guarantee it*.

The first scientifically based process proven to significantly grow businesses, Eureka! Winning Ways is a simple yet disciplined approach that quickly identifies and validates new ideas to increase top-line revenues, using proven idea-creation and deployment methodology.

Developed by the #1 growth expert in the country and delivered by our local manufacturing specialist, Eureka! Winning Ways is the only program of its kind that has been customized and refined specifically for U.S. smaller manufacturers, and is making a dramatic difference in how companies are growing.

Plenty of workshops offer ideas; we go the next step by scientifically testing your ideas and providing action planning and coaching to research and develop those ideas so you can decide quickly how and if to implement them.

What You’ll Get

You’ll walk away with a process that can be used over and over. You’ll learn how to…

  • Invigorate your team toward action and ownership
  • Sort and filter ideas to identify those worth pursuing
  • Develop a 30-day action plan that will make it easy to move ideas into production, or to kill them before they suck up more time and resources
  • Ignite the cycle of growth

*Our guarantee: you’ll generate at least 50 measurably smarter choices for growth AND identify two top ideas that are scientifically likely to succeed. You succeed, or at no additional cost, we work with you until you do.

Eureka! Winning Ways is based on 20 years of research of real-world success factors, work with hundreds of companies, and measures that keep you on track. It’s simple, direct, and delivers.

Eureka! Client Stories

Seeking a process to prioritize and implement ideas to fill new Lean-created capacity, Brunson turned to Eureka! Winning Ways. Four months later they launched two new products that will deliver $300k in sales. After reloading, the next ideas in development should bring in $400k.

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