MEP impacts

Delivering Measurable Returns

Since 1996, NIST MEP has used an independent third party organization to conduct a national survey of center clients. The survey collects client level data on the business impact of the services provided by their local center. These results allow the NIST MEP to gauge the impact of the MEP network on America’s manufacturers and its economic impact on the national, state, and regional economies. Clients are surveyed one year after an initial project is completed.

This brief report documents the survey process and summarizes the total national client impacts for the services provided in Fiscal Year 2006. Since the survey is conducted one year after the completion of services, survey results reported here were collected during Fiscal Year 2007. Here are some highlights from it:

The MEP clients reported that the services led to:

  1. Improving productivity among 8 in 10 MEP clients;
  2. Creating and retaining over 57,000 jobs;
  3. Helping firms increase and retain sales of nearly $10.5 billion;
  4. Leveraging over $2.2 billion in new private sector investment; and,
  5. Generating cost savings of just over $1.4 billion

MEP clients also reported that:

  • 91% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of services received;
  • 89% were more competitive as a result of services;
  • 86% took actions more quickly with assistance of its local center;
  • 80% improved employee skills;
  • 79% took actions at a lower cost; and
  • 76% improved the work environment for employees.

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